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The Sean Casey Fitness Podcast

Dec 22, 2021

On this episode I had Zac Kerr AKA counting_zacros on all the way from AUS. We talking about the methods we use to not feel like we are dieting, Zac's negative experience with tracking & binging, online trolls, steroids + more 

Zac's socials - @counting_zacros 

Dec 16, 2021

Tony McAleavey is back on the podcast, this time we had an in person episode where we discussed a broad range of topics including his recent move to Dubai, chasing material things and life in general. This was a great episode so I hope you get value!


Tony's IG - @tonymcaleavey 

Dec 9, 2021

In this episode I talked about my recent fat loss phase and all the things I done to make it easier! 

Dec 1, 2021

This was my favourite podcast to date! Jordan Syatt is one of the most genuine people not only in the fitness industry but also in life. He has inspired me from the start of my journey and many of the topics I discuss on a daily basis have been greatly influenced from him.

We discussed a wide range of different topics...

Nov 25, 2021

Gav is back, we spent the first while catching up and having some general chat before talking about optimal training and finished with a bit of business talk.