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The Sean Casey Fitness Podcast

Nov 7, 2022

The UK & Ireland currently has a major drug issue, you're the odd one out if you're not on the bag every weekend and no one is talking about it in a smart way.


Just telling people not to do drugs is silly, that message was drilled into us at school but still drug use is becoming more normalised and less taboo by the day.


I think the way to tackle this is by having eduacted conversations with people that have real world expereince in this area instead of shaming people or telling them just to stop


That's why I brought Paddy on the podcast, he's an amazing guy who also happens to be an ex drug addict that's now 4 years sober. We talked all about his story and went in depth about drugs in general.


I think conversations like this will help a lot of people so if you enjoy it please share!


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